Posts Switching Keyboard Layouts: QWERTY to Colemak

Switching Keyboard Layouts: QWERTY to Colemak

Switching Keyboard Layouts

  • About 10-years ago a friend of mine switched from QWERTY to the Dvorak keyboard layout. I thought it was insane. Fast forward to today and since reading The First 20 Hours by Josh Kaufman, I’m convinced to switch. I’ll be switching to the Colemak keyboard layout. A few metrics and my plan is below:


  • By visiting Speed Typing Online I learned that I currently type at 86wpm at 98.2% accuracy (in highschool to pass keyboarding Freshman year with an A+ you had to type 90wpm with 100% which I achieved. I’m happy to see not much has changed). I then switched the keyboard layout using the same test to Colemak and took the test (after printing out the keyboard layout). I managed 6wpm with 92.2% accuracy!
  • Following the details in the book, this is my current plan:
    1. All practice will be towards the end of the day.
    2. All practice sessions will be 1 or 2 sessions with a combined time of 30-45 minutes.
    3. Utilize keyzen until I’m reaching about 20wpm.
    4. Upon achieving 20wpm, move to Type Fu which does support the Colemak keyboard layout on the Mac. Stay with this until I get to 40wpm.
    5. Then move to amphetype and train on bigrams and trigrams.
    6. Once I’m doing well on the bigrams and trigrams, I’ll switch to the most common English words and continue using amphetype.
    7. My ultimate goal is to get to 60wpm+ with 98%+ accuracy. I code and don’t generally type in long-form, so getting back to 86wpm or so I don’t feel is required.


  • Sept 19
    1. 6wpm // 92.2% accuracy
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