Posts Summary of 2020-September

Summary of 2020-September


  • Started my first voyage project with 3 other developers through Chingu. We have decided to build a weather application using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, and multiple APIs.
  • Obtained my 500-hour Yoga Certification from Yoga Life Institute of New Hampshire.
  • Assisted my brother-in-law in setting up his Unifi system including multiple access points and a CloudKey Gen 2 controller.
  • My Chingu team started out, including me, with 4 developers. The project has 6 sprints, each a week long. We lost our first developer the start of Sprint 2, and our second developer on Sprint 4 (21-Sept-2020). We have now reviewed the scope that we want to work with these final 2 weeks of the project, of which 5 straight days I will be unavailable.

Another Home Network Buildout

  • Started building out my brother-in-laws home network. He has Verizon FiOS and we’ve got the following up and running.
  • UniFi CloudKey Gen2
  • UniFi 24 Port Gen 2 Switch
  • 4, UniFi nanoHD access points
  • UniFi EdgeRouter 4 (part of the Verizon FiOS package)
  • 2, Raspberry Pi running on Ubuntu
  • We will finish this off next month running a few 100 feet of network cables to hardwire a few locations in the house.


  • Travels by Michael Chichton
  • The First 20 Hours by Josh Kaufman
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